What Is A SatPaq?

SatPaq is our compact, lightweight, two-way satellite messaging device that works with your smartphone.*

No cell, no problem. With satellite you're always covered.

* Requires iPhone 6/iOS 10 or newer.
* Requires Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or newer.

How Does Our Service Work?

Messages sent or received over satellite are billed on a pay-as-you-go basis.

We sell MessagePaqs which are prepaid bundles of messages. Unused messages expire after one year (365 days) unless service is renewed.

See our FAQ in the Support tab for more important information.

Quick And Easy Ordering

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SatPaq Features

Send/Receive Messages from Anywhere*

No need for a cell or WiFi signal.

Pay-As-You-Go Messaging

No subscription required. Purchase messages using our handy MessagePaqs. Our Auto Refill feature is a convenient way to get more message credits when you need them.

Get Help in Emergencies

When in need of emergency services, use SOS to get help.

Ask Dr. Dex

Dr. Dex is an interactive, artificial intelligence (AI) service that answers first-aid-related medical questions.

Get Instant Weather Forecasts

Get a current seven-day weather forecast for wherever you are.

Share Your Activities

Share messages and your locations with contacts or to your Twitter account.

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

A fully charged battery will send/receive about 150-200 messages and will retain charge for about 4-5 months in storage.


The SatPaq weighs just 4 oz and slips easily into a pocket or backpack.

* USA coverage, other areas coming soon.

How Do I Use My SatPaq?

Quite simple...

  1. Download our easy-to-use app called SpaceLinq®

  2. Compose and queue your message

  3. Point to a satellite and send

How Does it Work?

The SatPaq® is the first compact device capable of communicating using GEO (geostationary earth orbit) satellites. We call this communication Direct-to-GEO® or D2G®. The satellites are called geostationary because they don’t move relative to your position on earth. This means the satellites are always in view and your communications are always real time. A major benefit is that these satellites are very inexpensive to use. This allows us to provide affordable service without a monthly fee. Another advantage is that we use technology already developed for the 5.8GHz WiFi band. These chips are already produced in very high volume which means we can build and sell you our Anywhere Communicator at a low cost. Our SatPaq IoT Anywhere™ products share sensor data from local environments using satellite technology. Please contact the company directly for more information on our IoT Anywhere products and services.

Go Anywhere Messaging®


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