SatPaq Important Update

To all of our SatPaq Recreational Customers


April 29, 2022

Dear SatPaq Customer,

Since Higher Ground introduced the SatPaq product in late 2018, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission has made unprecedented changes to the satellite frequency band that SatPaqs use, specifically, the band will no longer be available for satellite communications effective September 2023, or 15 months from now. As a result, your SatPaq device will no longer work after that time.

We are deeply disappointed in this news and thank all of our loyal customers.

In light of these events, we have decided to offer free service [a MessagePaq150] to our current customers going forward. All current SatPaq customers will soon get 150 free messages that you can use as you choose through August 2023. Also, no accounts have been charged for renewal services since early 2022.

In addition, beginning May 10, 2022, the SOS direct connection feature will no longer be available to SatPaq customers. Effective that date, any SatPaq message sent to the previous SOS provider will result in a bounce-back notification explaining that a SOS message did not reach emergency authorities. Instead, it will provide you with your current geo-coordinates which you can then use to contact a family member or friend so they can reach emergency authorities.

It has been a pleasure working with our consumer customers. All of us at Higher Ground are disappointed that events out of our control have caused this service to be discontinued.

Rob Reis,

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