SatPaq Frequency Update

The radio frequency used to communicate between your SatPaq and the satellite network will be changing as of Monday, September 27, 2021.  Using your SatPaq after this date requires an updated version of SpaceLinq and SatPaq firmware. Please follow the instructions below to complete these important changes.  If you are unfamiliar with SpaceLinq, please see the User Reference Guide at

Our customer support group ( is ready to assist you in the event that there are any problems encountered.


  1. Remove SpaceLinq from your smart phone and get the new app store version.
    1. Press the icon for SpaceLinq on your smart phone and hold it down for a few seconds. Select the option to Remove App or Uninstall and then confirm the removal.
    2. Go to the App Store used by your smart phone manufacturer (Apple iTunes Store or Google Play Store) to download an updated and improved version of SpaceLinq. If needed, type “SpaceLinq” into the search bar to locate the update.
  2. Run the new version of SpaceLinq on your smart phone. If you use SpaceLinq with multiple smart phones or own multiple SatPaqs, please repeat this procedure for each one.
    1. If SpaceLinq has previously been paired with a SatPaq, you will be prompted to update your SatPaq firmware. Select yes when prompted and allow the update to complete.
    2. If SpaceLinq has not been paired with a SatPaq, select a SatPaq so that it can be updated. Press the battery icon (upper left corner of SpaceLinq screen) to display the SatPaq Information screen and then press the Select SatPaq button.
    3. Verify that the correct version of the SatPaq firmware is installed. In the SatPaq Information screen, the last set of digits displayed should be 2.12.4. For example, the version string may be 11/3.20.1-2.11.4/2.12.4, but only the last set of digits is relevant.
    4. Verify that the correct version of SpaceLinq software is installed. Press the purple button with three horizontal bars (lower right corner of SpaceLinq screen), select the Settings menu item and the About SpaceLinq submenu item. For Apple iPhone, the correct version is 1.1.1-186. For Google Android, the correct version is 1.2.0-155.
  3. Test SpaceLinq with your SatPaq to verify correct operation over satellite. The new radio frequency is available now and will automatically be used by the updated version of SpaceLinq.
    1. Verify that SpaceLinq is in Satellite Only communication mode. If a mode change is required, press the Communication Options icon (upper right of SpaceLinq screen).
    2. Mount the SatPaq to your smart phone and go outside to a location with a clear view of the sky.
    3. Press the large purple button at bottom center of the SpaceLinq screen. If you already have messages queued to send, the button will be labeled Send/Retrieve. Otherwise, the button will be labeled Check Messages. Successful completion confirms that SpaceLinq and your SatPaq are working correctly with the new radio frequency.
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