SatPaq Fees & Billing


SATPAQ Services are provided on a pay-as-you-go basis. Message Credits are used to pay for SATPAQ Services over satellite or when live agent assisted.

MessagePaqs are prepaid bundles of Message Credits which may be purchased in various denominations. The price per Message Credit is progressively discounted when purchasing larger denomination MessagePaqs.


  1. Unless otherwise specified, a message may contain a maximum of 480* characters and will be billed one Message Credit for each message sent or received over the satellite.
  2. SOS Emergency Services with GEOS is an interactive, assisted call to a live agent at an Emergency Response Center staffed 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 52 weeks per year. For this reason, an initial charge of 70 Message Credits is billed for the use of SOS Emergency Services regardless of whether initiated over the satellite or over cellular or wifi. In addition, each message sent or received over the satellite as part of SOS Emergency Services will be billed one Message Credit.
  3. Weather and Dr. Dex will be billed one Message Credit when sent over satellite. These are considered information services rather than a 2-way communications feature, so we only bill for the response which contains the information requested.
  4. Share My Activity and Tracking (which send outgoing messages to your Activity Contacts and/or your social media accounts) will be billed one Message Credit when sent over the satellite.

*Some Unicode characters (eg. emojis) may be up to 3 times larger to transmit and receive than normal characters. If you send or receive messages containing these characters, your maximum message size may be reduced. The message counter that appears with the text input box in SpaceLinq will accurately account for the length of Unicode characters.


The Message Credits currently in your account will not expire as long as your account remains active. To maintain an active account, you must add Message Credits in any denomination of MessagePaq at least once per year. If no addition of Message Credits is made to your account in a one year period (365 days), your account becomes inactive and all Message Credits currently in your account will expire.

Higher Ground recommends the use of Auto Refill, which is accessible when logged in to our website ( from the My Account or Billing Summary pages. Auto Refill is a convenience feature that will initiate an automatic purchase transaction for a MessagePaq of your choice using your valid credit card information on file when your account balance falls below 20 Message Credits or if your account is about to become inactive.


You are responsible for maintaining Message Credits in your active account for initial and continued use of SATPAQ Services.

When your Message Credit balance reaches zero, your SATPAQ may no longer be used to send or receive messages over the satellite or to initiate the SOS Emergency Service.

Negative Message Credit Balances. If a negative balance occurs, your account is past due and you are responsible for purchasing sufficient Message Credits to bring your account current immediately. Negative balances will prevent a registered SATPAQ from being used or deregistered. Negative balances greater than 30 days past due are subject to Late Payments.

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